FAQ For the JABII Firmware & Release Notes

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Q: How do I turn on my JABII?

A: Lift the JABII up and press the front (strike-pad). The JABII should turn on.
If the JABII does not turn on try replacing the battery.

Q: How do I connect my JABII to the JABII app?

A: Open the JABII app and click “Connect JABII”. The app will begin searching for your JABII, using Bluetooth. Turn on your JABII, then press and hold the strike-pad 1-2 seconds, until the JABII begins searching for connections. The App should now connect to your JABII.


Q: How do I change the color of my JABII?

A: To change the color of your JABII, download the JABII app for your phone/tablet. By connecting your JABII to your phone/tablet you can change its color.


Q: How do I change the sound volume of my JABII?

A: To change the volume of your JABII, download the JABII app for your phone/tablet. By connecting your JABII to your phone/tablet you can change the volume. Please note that the volume may be reduced automatically if the battery power is low.


Q: Why does the app need “Location Services” permission?

A: This is because Bluetooth needs Location Services to function properly. We do not track your location or use/store any information related to your location.


Q: How do I turn off my JABII?

A: You can turn off your JABII by holding down the strike-pad for 10 seconds. Your JABII will begin to puls/flash towards the end, and eventually power off. If you leave it idle it will also automatically go to sleep after 30 seconds in order to preserver battery power.  



Video recording

Recording a JABII match is a heavy process. Not only are you showing your camera feed, you are also screen recording your device, and on top of that we are also showing an interface with special effects. The default setup is that we record in HD resolution with all effects active.

Although you can download the app on your device, it doesn't mean that you can video record without flaws on your device. 

If you experience trouble with video recording there are some steps you can take. Open the JABII app, open the side menu (top left corner), press SETTINGS. Here we have two settings that can help reduce the load of video recording:

 >  Battle Effects, these are animations and effects during your battle such as losing health and getting hit.

 >  High Resolution Video, by default we record in HD resolution, by disabling this setting you will record in a lower resolution with better performance but reduced quality.

 >  You can try and disable one or both settings and see if it helps. This is especially helpful for lower end devices.

Make sure you have enough space on your device because we are saving your replays in the app. If you are still experiencing problems with the app please write us an email at contact@jabii.com with your platform, device model, OS version and your issue and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Q: My JABII wont connect to my phone/tablet

A: JABII uses Bluetooth to connect to your phone/tablet. Please make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone/tablet and that the app has permissions to use both Bluetooth and Location Services. If the problem persists, power off your JABII, restart your phone/tablet and try again.


Q: My JABII disconnected randomly

A: If you are not using your JABII, we set a timer to automatically shut down your JABII in order to reserve battery. If it is connected to a device it shuts down after 5 mins and 2 mins otherwise.

Q: My JABII volume is low or muted

A: The JABII volume is automatically reduced to save power, when the battery power is low.
You can adjust the volume by connecting the JABII to your phone/tablet by using the JABII app. If the JABII is completely muted, you may have turned off the sound by using the JABII app.


Q: My JABII blinks red a single time when I turn it on, then acts normal

A: This is to indicate the battery power is low, and you should change the batteries. You can keep using your JABII until it powers off, but may experience reduced lights and sound volume, and possible interruptions during matches.


Q: My JABII blinks red when I turn it on and won’t connect

A: This is because the battery needs to be changed.

Q: The app says my battery is low

A: It is only a warning that we recommend changing the battery for the best possible experience. You can keep playing until the battery is fully dead.


Q: My JABII acts and sounds connected, but I cannot see it in the app

A: Try and hard reset your JABII by taking out a battery and put it back in.
Then try and connect your JABII again.


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