Got questions?

Q: When can I expect to receive my JABII?

A: You can expect to receive your JABIIs within 2-4 business days after your order has been placed. 


Q: Do I really need 2 JABIIs to play?

A: Yep. JABII is a multiplayer game that requires 2 JABII devices. 


Q: Is it safe to play?

A: It sure is. The rubber front of the JABII works as a reverse airbag that lets out air as it hits your opponent. Cool, right? This design makes sure that power is transferred through the built-in valve inside the JABII, so that you can strike your enemies with fury without paying a visit to the hospital after every match.
Feel the punch right here.


Q: But isn’t this encouraging violence?

A: Quite the contrary. Several studies have shown that kids and adults who practice martial arts are less prone to violent behaviour. Two of the key components are discipline and respect, which we encourage through the built-in referee and obligatory fist-bump to start a match.


Q: I do not see my country on the list - where do you ship to?

A: We ship to all of Europe. If you live in a country that we are not currently able to deliver to, send us an email with request for an order and delivery to sales@jabii.com and we will do the best to make it happen. We will continuously add countries to the shipping list until we have full world dominance!


Q: What ages are JABII appropriate for?

A: You need a basic amount of strength to punch a JABII correctly. JABII is CE-marked and approved from 14 years and up.


Q: How durable is the JABII – and what happens if it breaks?

A: The JABII is extremely durable. Every inch is over-engineered to the last detail to make sure that it stays strong even during the most epic battles. As long as you do not jump on it – or smash it against hard and sharp objects. IF an accident should happen, please send us an explanation and pictures of the broken JABII to contact@jabii.com – and we will try to figure out a solution if the damage happened under normal conditions of use.


Q: How do I charge it?

A: A JABII uses two AAA-batteries (they are included in the packaging!), and you’ll be battling into the late night. Two AAA-batteries will last more than 250 JABII matches, so you will be in great shape and able to run to the store for new ones! We recommend Duracell, Energizer and Panasonic batteries.


Q: Where can I find a list of technical specs?
A: Check out the full list of technical wonders we put into this game on this page.


Q: How long does the battery last?

A: While the standby time for a JABII is one full year, the active battle time is around 5 hours, equivalent to 250 fully-powered matches. These numbers may vary depending on how hardcore you fight and what type of battery you use. We recommend Duracell, Energizer and Panasonic batteries.


Q: Can I recycle my JABII?

A: We like the nature and we really want to keep it. Every JABII is designed after the “Design for Disassembly”-method with all parts easily separated and recycled.


Q: Where can I find the JABII app?

A: You can find our free JABII app on both Google Play Store and App Store.


Q: Can I get a discount on large orders?

A: If you are looking to place a bulk order for your organisation, business or your colleagues, please send us an email with your request to sales@jabii.com and our super team will do their best to complete your request.


Q: Why does my screen not rotate when I am recording matches?

A: Did you turn on Auto-rotate in your settings? Sometimes it is turned off, which locks the screen in place and then you cannot activate video recording. If that did not work, please send a message to contact@jabii.com.


Q: Why will my JABII not connect to my device?

A: Did you turn on your Bluetooth-connection? Is it on - then try turning it off and back on! Turning your WiFi off and back on your device can also do the trick sometimes. Is your app updated? Great, then finally try to remove the batteries from your JABII and put them back in. This will reset your JABII. Do not worry, all of your data and statistics will still be on your device. If that still did not do the trick, please send a message to contact@jabii.com.


Don’t see your question here?

Feel free to contact us on contact@jabii.com!